The MYRIAD Collection

Lifetime Commission For NFT Minters

What is the MYRIAD Collection?

The MYRIAD Collection, as the name suggests, contains the first 10,000 minted Hero NFTs (not applicable to Equipment NFTs).
These NFTs are likened to the "goose that lays golden eggs" for their minter as they bring about lifetime commission for them.
  • The first wallet address that owns and opens a Mystery Chest after purchasing it from the INO is recorded as the Minter of that NFT.
  • When this NFT is traded on the marketplace, the Minter wallet address will receive 50% of the transaction fees collected by Mones on all transactions involving this NFT. (The transaction fee on Mones marketplace is 3% of the transaction value).
  • This commission will be accumulated on the Minter account on Mones marketplace. Minter users will be able to claim the wallet commission through the marketplace dashboard.

Rarity rate