How to buy ASTR Token

How to buy ASTR Token on Binance and withdraw to Metamask Wallet

🟢 Step 1: Buy $ASTR tokens on Binance

You can buy ASTR tokens in the Spot section of the Binance exchange. This purchase must be familiar to you, so we will not give more detail about this.
Click here to buy ASTR Token on Binance.

🟢 Step 2: Withdraw ASTR tokens from Binance

To make it easy to understand for end users, Astar Network has 2 types of accounts: Native Account and EVM Account (Native Account address is used for dApp staking and interacting with Wasm projects; an EVM account address is used to interact with dApps on the Astar EVM - so EVM account address is the same as your Metamask wallet format).
The steps to transfer ASTR tokens from Binance to your Metamask wallet will basically be as follows: Withdraw ASTR Token from Binance to Native Account -> Transfer balance from Native Account to EVM Account (Metamask)
🔹 2.1. Create a Native Account with Math Wallet
To create a Native Account for receiving ASTR from Binance, we recommend using Math Wallet. You can install Math Wallet here.
After installing Math Wallet on your browser, follow 5 steps as shown in the following Gif to start creating a wallet:
Next, we need to create a wallet on the Shiden Network. Select the sign (+) and choose Create Wallet, then enter the name of the Wallet to make it easy for you to use.
Don't forget to save the Mnemonics before clicking Completed. So you already have a Native Account wallet address to be able to withdraw ASTR tokens from Binance (as in the pic below, it is WpJUuHV……qPtSkFvn)
🔹 2.2. Withdraw Tokens from Binance to Native Account
After loading a bag of $ASTR on Binance successfully, in Withdraw step, please enter the wallet address you just created in Math Wallet above in Address field. Select Astar Network (default) in Network field, then click Withdraw. Note: do not enter your Metamask wallet address here - this will cause your token withdrawal to fail.
Then wait for a while until the withdrawal is completed.

🟢 Step 3: Transfer Tokens from Native Account to EVM Account

As mentioned above, the EVM Account address is your Metamask wallet address. We recommend using Metamask wallet to interact with Mones Astar for on-chain activities.
🔹 3.1. Add Astar Network to your Metamask wallet
To quickly add Astar Network to Metamask, go to and click Add to Metamask for quick add.
Then go to, click Connect and select Math Wallet. You will able to see ASTR balance after successful withdrawal from Binance in your Native Account wallet, as shown below.
To transfer the balance from the Native Account wallet to the Metamask wallet, click on Transfer button, enter your Metamask wallet address in the destination, fill the Amount you want to transfer and click Confirm.
So from now on, you already have ASTR in your Metamask wallet so you can use the Online Check-in feature to receive valuable in-game items.
Onchain transaction fees on Astar Network are extremely cheap - almost negligible. If you do not know before, the Checkin Online gifts in Mones Astar are much more attractive than it is in the original server.