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    Summon Shop is where you purchase summon tickets to summon new heroes.
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    There are three tiers of Summon: Diamond Summon, MONES Summon, and Normal Summon. These tiers are distinguished from each other by the currency used to purchase the summon ticket and the hero's rarity rate.

Diamond Summon

Purchase summon ticket using Diamonds. Diamonds can be acquired through in-app purchase. This method is suitable and intuitive to traditional gamers.
Rarity rate
  • SR 5 stars: 1.5%
  • R 4 stars: 4.5%
  • A 4 stars: 12%

MONES Summon

Purchase summon ticket using $MONES tokens. For Web3 gamers who get used to crypto tokens, you can deposit $MONES into the game via Game Gateway and purchase summon tickets with $MONES.
Rarity rate
  • SR 5 stars: 1.5%
  • R 4 stars: 4.5%
  • A 4 stars: 12%

Normal Summon

Purchase summon tickets using Honor. As Honor is a free-to-get currency in the game, everyone can use Normal Summon.
How to get Honors
Rarity Rate
  • A 3 stars: 1%
  • B 2 stars: 99%

Milage Exchange

When using Diamond or MONES in the Summon Shop, you will receive the corresponding Mileage.
When the accumulated Mileage reaches a certain milestone, you will be able to exchange mileage to receive the corresponding reward.
After you exchange reward, mileage will be reset and accrued from the beginning.
There are 5 mileage milestones in descending order: Grade R, Grade SS, Grade S, Grade A, Grade B.