In-game Affiliate

Refer your friends to buy Hero Chests via your referral link to EARN 10% affiliate commission from each successful referral.
Even better, the person you refer will also receive a 10% discount on the successful referral transaction.
Top referrer reward Top 10 referrer to refer the most people to buy chests between September 13 and September 30, 2022 will win a special prize.
  • Top 1: $500 + 500,000 coppers + 200 Stamina + 3 Legend Equipment chests
  • Top 2: $300 + 200,000 coppers + 100 Stamina + 2 Legend Equipment chests
  • Top 3: $100 + 100,000 coppers + 1 Legend Equipment chest
  • Top 4 - 10: 1 Hero Equipment chest/each
Gifts for
Gifts for promoter
Note: Any cheating behavior is not acceptable. Accounts that are involved in cheating will lose the right to receive prizes and may even be banned from the Oxalus and Mones system.


  1. 1.
    Will the Top Referrer program award to the people who referred the most people to buy the chest or to the people who referred the most sales volume?
The people who referred the most people to buy Mystery Chests.
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    1.When can I claim 10% commission?
As soon as the referrer makes a successful purchase, you can claim all the commissions you own.PreviousOn-chain Referral Event: More Friends - More BenefitsNext - 🎁 MONES NFTMystery Chest Sale