Level up

Hero level-up

You can raise the level of a hero by consuming the experience points obtained from adventures, the guild training ground, and other heroes as materials.


1. Village → Adventure → Acquire EXP when clearing the adventure stage
2. Village → Guild → Training → Select a hero and proceed with training (updating)
3. Village → Hero Management → Select Hero → Hero Details → Touch the level-up icon → Select the material


  • Based on the -6 star hero, you can level up from the first 30 levels to a maximum of 40 levels through transcendence.
  • A certain amount of flag currency is required to use the guild training.
  • The higher the adventure stage, the higher the grade of the material hero, the more experience points you get.
  • When you use Teacher Ravi, a level-up exclusive material, as a material, you gain a lot of experience.

Level up using materials

1. Level-up mark: Display the the hero’s expected level-up value by using materials
2. Material selection: Select the material to be used to level up the hero
3. Material mark: Mark the materials consumed for leveling up the hero (up to 12 people), display the experience points obtained
4. Level up: The selected material hero disappears and level up by consuming a certain amount of gold


  • With a Ravi, you can acquire 5 times more experience than a material hero of the same grade.
  • When using the same hero as the level-up target as a material, you can acquire 5 times more experience points than other material heroes.
  • All equipment and demon’s gem worn by the hero when being used as a level-up material will disappear, so you need to release it in advance before proceeding.