Hero Transcendence

Lv. 30+5 Enhanced 4~6 Star Hero can transcend by using the same hero with the same Star rank.


Village → Hero Management → Hero Selection → Growth → Transcend


  • Can transcend Lv.30 +5 enhanced hero + same star rank, same hero for the first time.
  • When transcending once, the maximum level increases by +2, and there is a maximum number of transcendences for each hero rank.
  • When transcending, the hero's stats are increased. However, when a hero in transcendence is evolved, the transcendence level is reset.
  • If it is not a hero with the same rank, you can use the Transcendence Stone item to proceed with Transcendence.

Maximum Transcendence Level by Grade

  • 4 star level 30 Hero → upto 4 star level 36 (3 Transcendence)
  • 5 star level 30 hero → upto 5 star level 38 (4 Transcendence)
  • 6 star level 30 hero → upto 6 star level 40


1. Transcend Hero: The target of transcendence and the selected material hero are displayed.
2. Material selection: A list that can be used as a transcendental material is displayed and you can select a material hero.
3. Transcend Stones: The number of Transcend Stones required for Transcendence and the number of stones you have are displayed.
4. Transcendence Level: The maximum level of the hero that is increased after transcendence is displayed.
5. Transcendence Start: You can start transcending by consuming a certain amount of gold.

Transcend Stone

If you select a hero with a lower rank than the target of Transcendence as a material, you can use a certain number of Transcend Stone items to advance Transcendence.
  • Transcendental Target: 6-Star Hero / Material: 5-Star Hero / 1 Transcendental Stone: 1 needed
  • Transcendental Target: 5-Star Hero / Material: 3-Star Hero / 2 Transcendental Stones: 2 needed
* When using a hero of the same star rank, you do not need a Transcend Stone.


You can also transcend in the same way using Flore, the hero of transcendence only.


  • When transcending, the equipped Equipment and the devil's gem will disappear.
  • Gold consumed when transcending increases as the hero's transcendence level increases.