Hero Evolution

Hero reaches level 30+5 enhance level, can use a core of the same attribute and grade as a material to increase its star by one level.


Village → Hero Management → Choose Hero → Growth → Evolve


  • Level 30 +5 Enhanced Hero (6-star Hero cannot be evolved)
  • Same ranking, same attribute’s core or same ranking’s super core as the evolved hero.

Evolution material selection

  1. 1.
    Evolution information: Evolution information to a higher level is displayed.
  2. 2.
    Material selection: Select a material core that will be used for hero evolution
  3. 3.
    Evolve: when a hero evolves, a certain amount of is consumed and the material core disappears.


  • Core - a material required for hero evolution can be obtained from [Battle] -> [Dungeon].
  • The higher the hero's grade, the greater the amount of consumed during evolution.