Twin Towers

You can gain various rewards from the Twin Towers consisting of the Angel Tower and Dragon Tower.


Village - Battle - Twin Towers


You can enter after clearing [Adventure Starsiz Chapter 1] 1-10


  • Each tower has 10 floors and resets every
  • Quartz will be used to enter the towers.
  • When Twin Towers are reset, attributes are given to the towers.
  1. 1.
    Select Tower: You can enter the Angel Tower or Dragon Tower.
Angel Tower: All heroes can enter the tower without limit. Craft stone, Magic stone and Skill stone can be earned from the tower.
Dragon Tower: All heroes can enter the tower without limit, but the tower's attributes and other heroes' stats will be reduced by 50% if the element doesn’t match.
You can acquire items such as Monster Soul Stone, Magic stone, and Metal fragments that have the same attributes as the tower.
2. Tower Information: Displays information about monsters and troops in the selected tower.


  • Among the items obtained from Twin Towers, the craft stone is used for crafting equipment items, the magic stone is used for enchantment, amplification, the skill stone is used to enhance the hero's skill, the monster soul stone is used as a material for special reborn, and the metal fragments are used as a material for making an equipment box.
  • Floors cleared in each tower cannot be re-entered until the Twin Towers are reset.
  • The difficulty of each tower increases when the number of floors increases.
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