Let’s get the elemental core required for hero evolution!


Village > Battle > Dungeon


You can enter after clearing [Adventure Starsiz Chapter 1] 3-10


1) One free entrance everyday.
2) You can get each elemental core and super core required for hero evolution.
  1. 1.
    Entry Material: Elemental Stone used as entry material is charged once every day.
  2. 2.
    Elemental info: You can earn cores with different elementals every day, and the elementals that can be acquired on that day can be checked here.
  3. 3.
  • Normal and Hell difficulty level where you can obtain Elemental cores
  • Normal and Hell difficulty level where you can obtain Super Cores.
  • You can enter one dungeon for free every day.
4. Reward: The core information that can be obtained when clearing the selected dungeon and the remaining time until the next elemental can be checked here.
5. Dungeon Entry: One free entry is possible, you can use rubies or elemental dungeon admission tickets for additional entry.

Super Core Crafting

You can create 3-4 star super cores by combining the super core pieces obtained from the elemental dungeon.
  • 3-Star Super Core: 20 fragments
  • 4-Star Super Core: 50 fragments


  • Core Dungeon: (Normal) 3-star core available / (Hell) 4-star core available
  • Super Dungeon: (Normal) 10 super core fragments / (Hell) 20 super core fragments.