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Friend is where you make friends, interact with other players in the game.
More specifically, this is where you give and receive Honors, a currency that can be used to buy Summon Tickets to summon heroes from the Summon Shop.

Friend List

You can have up to 100 friends on the Friend List at a time.
You can Send Honors to your friends every 20 hours. You get 5 Honors every time you send Honors to a friend and send 10 Honors to your .
You can Visit a friend, view their Hero, Fight with them as an Arena Preparation and Email them. They will receive your message via mail-box.

Invite Friend

This is where you make new friends.
  • At Accept, you'll see friend requests. You can Accept or Refuse these invitations.
  • At Request, you will see friend requests sent but not yet accepted. You can cancel these invitations to invite others to friend because you only have a maximum of 30 Requests at a time.
  • At Recommend Friend, you will see recommended friends. You can Request them or Visit them to decide.


Honor is the currency that people who have made friends give each other every day.
  • You can send Honor to a friend every 20 hours.
  • Every time you Send Honors, you immediately receive 5 Honors.
  • The person you send Honors to will receive a notification and can claim 10 Honors through the Mailbox. In contrast, each friend sends you 10 Honors each time.
  • You can use Honors to buy Summon Tickets to summon new Heroes at the Summon Shop for 50 Honors/1 Normal Summon Ticket and 500 Honors/10+1 Normal Summon Ticket.