Equipment Crafting

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    Equipment Crafting: Weapons, armor, and accessories can be crafted using specific materials.
  • It can be crafted from hero grade equipment, and items such as combination stones, mithril, metal fragments, and crystals of the same grade are required for each part.
  • The list of craftable equipment items is displayed sequentially according to the progress of the adventure stage clearing.
  • Mithril: Obtained by exchanging aggression
  • Metal s: Obtained by equipment and exchanging aggression
  • Combination Stone: Can be obtained from the Two Towers (Tower of the Sky), Summon Shop Mileage Rewards, and Ancient Temple Events.
  • Crystal: Guild War Reward (Orestone), Epic Dungeon Reward
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    Equipment Box: Metal fragments can be combined to create higher-grade metal fragments and equipment boxes.