Daily Web Check-In Reward

From November 2022, You will have an additional opportunity to win a passive income when taking part in Online Check-in, where you can redeem your prize once a day.
Just connect the wallet - login and claim daily reward with Mones, industrious bees!
Everyday, you are able to immediately win your reward in proportion to that day. The gifts serve for dominating every battleground and reaching the top. They could be stamina, money, or priceless materials.
Our daily rewards come from 3 principle elements:
  • In-game currencies to pay for taking part in the features such as Arena, Level Up, Attendance, Journal.
  • Crafting materials are used for building up precious equipment.
  • Hero Summon Ticket will be needed for owning new supreme heroes.
  • Ravi Summon Ticket will give more abilities to own a Ravi with stars and decrease the amount of spent Copper.
These are great benefits that will grant you additional advantages in the game, such as faster crafting of good items, faster upgrading of formations, and having more stamina to go to the battlefield to plow experience for heroes. All of these minor privileges will help you race to the top faster than players who do not check in.

You can collect your daily prize by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Visit Online Check-in Event on
Step 2: Click login and choose your wallet. If you don’t have any connected wallet, create one for yourself. We recommend Oxalus Wallet for fast and easy access. In case you don’t have any wallet connected to Mones, you can follow the instruction video below to create one Oxalus wallet and connect to Mones.
Step 3: Click Check In, you can claim the log-in incentive (Stamina, Ticket, Transcend Stone, Magic Stone, Dagger, Copper, ect). Rewards can be automatically transferred via mail-box in Mones game.
Just so you know, if you miss a day without checking in, it is still accepted. You can re-checkin unlimited times in a 30-day routine and the subsequent check-in will continue to be counted from the last unfinished milestone .
For example, if you are at your tenth check-in and forget to make it to your eleventh, the subsequent check-in will be counted as your eleventh).
Routine for Mones Check-In: When the cycle is over, we will bring you back to the initial milestone. 30 days / 30 landmarks.