Treasury Fund

Revenue from marketplace transaction fees, chest selling, in-game transaction fees will be used to maintain and operate the Treasury Fund.
Treasury Fund
Treasury Fund is used for 4 main purposes

Ecosystem Development

Part of the Treasury Fund is used to reinvest in the project. This section will cover product development and market development.


Investors of $MONES will receive passive income when holding $MONES tokens. This reward is deducted from the Treasury Fund.

Reserve Fund

Reserve Fund is used to cover unexpected expenses incurred in the future.

Sharing Fund

This fund is used to share revenue with Mones investors through one of two methods:
  • Buy back and burn $MONES token: A part of the revenue will be used to buy back and burn $MONES, helping to reduce the circulating supply in the market and increase the token value.
  • Profit sharing pool: A part of the fund is used to operate the profit sharing pool. When users stake $MONES or NFTs into the pool, they will receive a reward in tokens and vMONES used to vote for project development decisions.
  • We will collect an additional 0.001 BNB per transaction on Game Gateway (not Marketplace) to add to the Fund, thereby generating revenue to buy back tokens from Liquidity Pool on DEXs. This amount depends on the number of transactions in Game Gateway, not on the amount of item per transaction.