Player Driven Economy

What is Player-driven Economy?

In the Player-driven economy, all game items (characters, equipment, materials, etc.) have economic value.
These items are distributed so as to stimulate players to exchange them in accordance with the law of demand & supply.
Player-driven economy gives players more ways to "earn" and "spend" money on the ecosystem. This grows the economy, makes the cash flow in the ecosystem last longer, and increases the number of transactions.
P2E Economy 1.0
Player Driven Economy
Not all in-game items are exchangeable items, e.g, only game characters, equipment, or vehicles are NFTs.
Every in-game item is an exchangeable item, from characters, costumes, to materials, etc.
Limited source of earning, e.g., from token only.
Diverse source of earning such as from token, NFTs, and currency.
Limited ways to spend on the ecosystem such as NFT breeding.
Diverse ways to spend on the ecosystem, e.g., summons, upgrading and NFT crafting.
Simple economy structure.
Complex economy structure that extends the cash flow in the ecosystem and increases transaction volume.


Mones owns a complex system of features and resources as the mainstay of a player-driven economy.
  • Multiple currencies & resources: A complex system of currencies and resources that are distributed across multiple game modes (with each game mode having a unique resource)
  • Crafting: Crafting stimulates players to dive in all corners of the game to collect resources to acquire high-value equipment.
  • Various upgrading features: A series of features allow users to spend NFTs, currency and resources to upgrade hero/equipment/account. All this spending will be burned.
  • In-game shop: Players can redeem rewards with the resources they own
  • Farming/staking: Players can bring NFTs and tokens earned from the game to farming/staking to earn more or gain more benefits in the game.

Reinvestment mechanisms

Mones offers mechanisms that stimulate users to reinvest into the economy.
  • Upgrade to earn more: To earn more from the game, players need to continuously upgrade heroes & equipment by burning existing heroes and equipment.
  • Limited earnings: Limit earnings for players that are already profitable and increase earnings incentives for new players.
  • Extra burning to earn big: Consume more NFT/token to unlock special stages/tournament for the top players only, e.g. user needs to deposit token/NFT to buy ticket to participate in seasonal e-sport tournament.