Play - Own - Earn

As a representative of the new generation of NFT Games, Mones approaches users and the market with a completely new Play - Own - Earn model, replacing the old Play to Earn .
With a focus on Earn, game publishers of the Play-to-Earn model attract players by promising high ROI and earning potential without caring about gameplay and player experience. Therefore, the retention rate of these games is often low, players leave as soon as they have recovered their capital and made a profit, putting pressure on the game economy, making the game economy easy to break.
Meanwhile, in the Play - Own - Earn model, the focus is on Play. Game publishers focus on building exciting gaming experiences, retaining user communities, and encouraging users to reinvest in games to enjoy more great features. When players derive entertainment value from the game and decide to contribute and reinvest in the game, publishers reduce the pressure to reward to keep players, thus, the game economy and the game lifecycle become more sustainable.


With the Play - Own - Earn model, our first priority is the PLAY factor. Our biggest goal is to bring true excitement and enjoyment to our players.
With a foundation built on an MMOPRG with millions of downloads on both Google Play and Apple Store, Mones will be one of the most anticipated NFT games with gameplay on BNB Chain this year.
Mones provides exciting entertainment for players with top-notch 3D graphics, 8 strategic game modes and a community experience with guild features.
"If it's a game, it must be a good game first." (Justin, Chief Business Officer at Mones)


Because of NFT technology, players now have complete ownership of the main in-game assets in which they have invested money and effort.
As a Mones player, you have full ownership of the NFTs including heroes and equipment. You can use them as game characters and items, transfer them to others, or sell them on the Mones Marketplace.
Your assets, your choice.


EARN is a side benefit when you choose to play NFT games over traditional gaming.
When participating in the Mones ecosystem, you also have the opportunity to earn profits many different ways.
  • Win PvP and Pve Wars to earn $MONES rewards and equipment
  • Craft equipment and sell it on Mones Marketplace
  • Trade Hero NFTs and equipment NFTs for profit
  • Stake NFTs to get token rewards