Getting Started To Play Mones

Install Metamask for: Chrome | iOS | Android​
Note: You can still play without using Metamask. Metamask is just a bridge for you to deposit/withdraw assets (equipments, heroes, $MONES) to/from the game so that you can trade on the marketplace.

There are 2 ways to register a account to play Mones

  • Step 1: Click Login, then connect Metamask Wallet
  • Step 2: You'll be redirect to Create Account page, or you can click here​
  • Step 3: Fill your username & password, then click Create Account
After login with new wallet, you'll be redirected to Create Account page

Just download Mones (link below), install it then create an account right in the game
If you create an account in game first, you can link your created account with your wallet later on marketplace (instead of click on Create Account, choose Link Account button)

  1. 1.
    If you already created in-game account before, login Mones Marketplace ( with your wallet
  2. 2.
    Instead of choosing Create Account like the picture above, choose Link Account
  3. 3.
    Enter your username and password you use in-game to link

  • Android: Download here
  • iOS: Download here ​
  • Emulator: You can use Noxx Player/LD Player to install APK file above and play game on Windows computer

Login the game with your registered account to start playing Mones. About gameplay, you should take a look at Starting Tour on our Portal first, or follow instructions right in the game.

You can buy Heroes from the Mones Marketplace or buy Mystery Chests to open random heroes from Mones INO event (ends at Jul 31, 2022).

Send your newly recruited heroes into battle by depositing them into the game.
Step 2: Click on Deposit/Withdraw.
Step 3: Select NFTs that you want to deposit or withdraw then confirm the transaction.
Game Gateway UI - where you can deposit/withdraw assets in/out Mones
Have fun!
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On this page
I. Create Metamask Wallet (Optional)
1) Download & Setup
2) Start using your Metamask Wallet
II. Register New Game Account
1) Register game account on the Mones Marketplace.
2) Register game account in Game
III. Connect Wallet to In-game Account
IV. Play Mones
1) Download here (Updating)
2) Login to play
V. Recruit Heroes (Optional)
1) Mones Marketplace
2) Deposit Heroes to Mones