Nguyen Dang Hieu - Founder & CEO at Xantus

Hieu is a successful serial entrepreneur in the fields of e-commerce, digital and affiliate marketing. He is the founder of PingGo – The first social commerce platform in Vietnam and Vice President of AdFlex – The leading affiliate marketing platform in Southeast Asia. Having been involved in the crypto market since 2016, Hieu is an early investor of many popular crypto projects.

Sungbin Song - CEO at Neoul Entertainment

Sungbin is an experienced game developer who has specialized in game engines for over 20 years. He has developed console game engines for Xbox and PlayStation® and mobile game engines using Unity 3D and Unreal. He has worked with various companies, such as Phantagram, Npicsoft, and DDS in Korea. He founded Neoul Entertainment and developed and serviced Ceres M. He is currently working on a metaverse project utilizing a blockchain ecosystem. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Song is also a Research Scientist at JETRI Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute.